Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bday Bash / 1st Party

We had a b-day get together for my brother in-law/ our first house party this weekend!! What a great way to break in our house!

After several long days and busy nights our house was ready for a party by Saturday (and so were we). Mom and Aunt Anne came up to Memphis this past week and were a HUGE help in unpacking/decorating/hanging/etc. I took a couple of half days off from work but it wasn't nearly enough time to get everything done. Poor Jeff did not have any time off and as soon as he got home we put him and Bern to work doing the heavy lifting and major mirror hanging.

It was a busy week - I went to the grocery store at least once every day, Lowe's about 6 times, and Sheffield antique store 3 times. I guess I'm not good at making one big list to avoid the several trips :)

This awesome green distressed table was a present from Mom and Dad- we found it at Sheffield's. Mom had a vision and knew exactly where we were going to put it in the house (more on that later). Aunt Anne also got two great Gothic shaped window panes. I am sad I didn't snap a pictures to show you - they were cool! The lady that worked there told us that they are opening up an upscale consignment store in December- it will be across from the Walmart in Collierville.
Soo Fun!

Jeff and Bern were put to work assembling these Adirondack chairs.
They still need to be stained and weather sealed - a project for this week.

Aunt Anne worked her magic on the deck and helped make it festive and inviting!
I can't wait for her to take on the bigger job of working her magic in both the back and front yard. It needs help in a major way.

We had a blast having everybody over.
It will be the first of many gatherings!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I just found out that HGTV was at our "soon to be" new home filming last week!!!!

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of details. We are waiting to hear back from their agent about which HGTV show was filming it. They do know that it will air sometime in February.
Sooo exciting!! I'll keep y'all informed as I learn more details.
In less than a week we close!

Have a good weekend!!