Sunday, February 26, 2012


What a Magical Experience!!
Jeff and I went to Disney World this past weekend - his first trip ever! Our inner child came out as we road the rides and searched for the "characters". We had a great time.

Our (my departments) annual sales meeting was held at the Beach Club Disney resort that week so, I decided to stay the weekend and have Jeff fly down to met me. We went to Epcot Friday - went around the world! Then the Magic Kingdom on Saturday.

The weather was perfect Friday - mid 80's and then got a little cooler on Saturday but still relatively nice compared to Memphis.

We missed out on "Soaring" at Epcot but made it to all the other rides. Plus all of the countries!

Of course we had to stop in Paris and get a glass of wine :)

It's fun seeing people get together smiling, relaxing, and acting like children!
Such a fun place!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Atlanta Here I Come

I am heading to Atlanta this weekend with my sister and Mom. A little girls trip - YAY!!

We have a long list of places we want to go but one of them is Scott's Antique Market . I am sooo excited about going because I have soo much I want to buy for the house. I have never been there but hear it is AMAZING!

Things on my list to look for:

  • More bookshelves items - which is harder than it sounds because my bookshelves are not tall which limits a lot of the cute items I want to use. For example, I love when bookshelves have lamps that illuminate the area - Unfortunately, no lamps will fit :( So the search begins.

  • Potentially, a chair for the office - I've been in search for one but keep going back and forth on the fabric options. Part of me want to choose something that is young and different but then the other part of me want to pick something that I will like for a while and wont get sick of.

  • Frames & Art work for Office and/or Bedrooms - I want to use different types frames for the office similar to what Kate Spade did: (P.S. I love her - we just got a Kate Spade store in Memphis and I am soooo Excited!! Spent about two hours in the store the first time i went - not really sure how, considering it is pretty tiny. Needless to say, they had some great items and great sales!!!)

via Habitually Chic

via Alanna Cavanagh

  • Seating/Bench - I have been wanting a bench in my mud room/laundry room. I have found this cute little bench from West Elm but just checked recently and they don't sell it anymore :( I will have to keep my eye out for something else

No matter what I find or don't find it will be a fun trip. Dad is hooking us up with rooms at the Ritz Carlton so it will for sure be a great time! Thanks Dad! Wish us luck!