Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visitors and Food

I always love it when Mom and Dad come to visit!
They came up two weekends ago - Dad drove to Birmingham to pick up Mom (after her visit with Anne) and continued up the road to Memphis!

Friday night we had the Brooks over and grilled steaks at our house.
It was casual, relaxing, and so fun to be with everybody.

I made a simple dessert that turned out better than I expected. It was really easy and the best part is that I made them a day in advance. I didn't follow a recipe, but the next time I do it I will try to get more precise and write it down.

Here is what I did: mixed cool whip, cream cheese, powered sugar all together. Spread some of the mixture onto a chocolate wafer and topped with another wafer. I only did a few plain ones.

Now for the flavored ones: Chop up decaf coffee beans and add them along with some coco powder to the mixture. I did this all by taste- added more coffee and coco after tasting it until it was strong enough to stand out when paired with the wafers. Jeff was my taste tester which I don't think he minded at all. I put them in the refrigerator which hardened the mixture making them less messy and perfect for the next night.

Mom and Dad have reached modern times and finally got an iphone. They use Verizon, which they love, and were reluctant to switch providers so they waited until the iphone came to Verizon. Mom is already addicted to the many apps she has downloaded and she was showing off her new Kate Spade cover to everyone. It is super cute and has a splash of green along the sides.

Dad had President's Day off from work so they were able to stay Sunday night. Having that extra day with them was really nice. We went to my FAVORITE breakfast place - Brother Junipers. The weather was perfect so Jeff and I took Ellie to the park. as my parents relaxed at the house.

By the time night came around we were all ready to party again!
Mom made her home-made salsa!

We picked up Spicy Guacamole at the store
(It was really good for store bought - don't remember the brand though)

Paired it all with some Tequila dad picked up at the store on Saturday and let me tell you- It was really smooth and so refreshing!!

Of course we had to complete our Mexican experience with Nachos and songs about Tequila.
Jeff created a great playlist for the night!

We always have a great time when they are here! Come again soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Ground Hogs Day!!

Did you remember it's Ground Hog's Day?

I always forget because it creeps up so fast after the new year and lets face it - it's ground hogs day, a day that most people don't celebrate.

Today, I forgot it was Ground Hogs Day and was pleasantly reminded when I received these at work...

They are from my dad!

Every year he sends my mom, my sister, and myself flowers for Ground Hogs Day. He started the tradition years ago when he was dating my mom and wanted another reason to give her flowers (I know what you are thinking: awhh how sweet). Well he continued the tradition throughout the years and at some point started giving Anne and I flowers as well. He started off small by giving us a single yellow flower when we were little and didn't appreciate them as much (They are always yellow flowers- with a pop of other colors). But now, I soo much look forward to them!! Every year I forget about the day and am pleasantly reminded by my dad!

Thanks Dad I LOVE them!