Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Rivalry

This weekend is a HUGE weekend for our little family.
It is the Alabama vs. Arkansas football game!!

Roll Tide!!

This picture was taken the night we got Engaged. Jeff's mom gave us this license plate and asked "who's car is it going on?" -- Needless to say it hasn't appeared on either car.

Jeff and I won't be watching this game together. It isn't because it will be too intense, it's because I have been in Tuscaloosa recruiting for work and am heading over to our camp house "The Laughing Place" to meet up with my family. Jeff and his family are going to Fayetteville, AR to go to the game.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Dogs Life

Here is a little update on our precious Ellie!

My mom came in town last week which was soo helpful for Ellie's transition to her new home. While we were at work, mom stayed home with the little girl. Having mom here was crucial in Ellie's "house breaking". In less than a week Ellie was house broken and sleeping through the night!

Mom was also helpful in taking our family photo- Haha

Ellie's favorite thing to do ... chew on sticks!

Her favorite spot ... at our feet!

Looks what Chris got her ....

It's a little hard to see, but he got her a University of Arkansas collar. I couldn't believe it- once I saw it I ran out to College Station and got her an Alabama jersey

She is soo good at posing for pictures!

Hope you have had a good relaxing weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Fall

The weather in Memphis is GREAT!!
I am sitting on my patio right now enjoying the 60 degree air, drinking my coffee, and watching Jeff play with Ellie. I can definitely tell that Fall is near.

Below are a few things that remind me of fall!!

Bar Accessories! I am one that believe a bar is one area in the house that can be really manly. Well, that and a study/library. Jayson Home and Garden has some great accessories for the bar. I just love the textures, colors, and styles of his collection.

Whisky Stones! Bourbon and Whiskey are always prevalent at our house, but especially during the fall. Something about it just warms us up and is necessary for watching football games. If you know someone who is passionate about good Bourbon like Jeff is, then they might like Whiskey stones. Jeff got some as a gift from my cousin Troupe and has loved them! They are great for chilling a drink without diluting it and changing the flavor.

Grilling! I associate fall with grilling season. Many people may disagree and say that summer is the best time to have cookouts, but it is often too hot here in Memphis to truly enjoy. No matter when you grill, there are only a few things needed to have a good time: food of choice, grill, friends, and music!! We are heading over to Jeff's brother's house this afternoon to start the football season off right with a cookout!

And of course one main aspect that always kicks off Fall is Football season!

Many of you know that I am a HUGE Alabama and SEC football fan! Tonight is the first game- ROLL TIDE and have a good weekend!!