Monday, June 18, 2012

Arts and Crafts

I am not good at Arts and Crafts - at all.  I don't do many around the house - only other one I have done is recover the stool.  Remember that?  It turned out well but that was a simple project.

Well this one I was going off something I found online - prior to Pinterest,  have since seen it on Pinterest (love it - you can find anything there!!) - and I decided to try it.  It looked simple enough and since we were spending our money elsewhere for the house i decided to give it a try.

What can you do with two plywood crates, wood stain, and screws??   
Make a Coffee Table of course!


Step one:  Get your supplies (crates, stain, legs, screws)  and get yourself a handy man

 Step 2: Stain the pallets and the legs - I went with more decorative legs (the site I was following just used 2X4's)

Step 3: Screw it all together and set it up with appetizers and drinks

Monday, June 11, 2012

About Time

It's about time I showed yall some updated pictures of the house.  
I don't know if you remember what the living room looked like so here are a few before pictures:

(above pic is prior owners furniture)

We ordered new furniture once we got everything cleared on the house and it came in just in time - we only had to use patio furniture for a day or two.  We sold our old sofa and chair to the girl who bought the townhouse, so it was crucial to get it in ASAP so we would have something to sit on.  Thanks to my helpers, I picked out some great fabric that will be durable and I will like for a long time.  (I promise I did not purposely adjust the pictures to have a yellow tone - since the trim was brown/yellow and the walls were yellow everything took on that glow)

Sofa: background fabric
Big Pillow: Left
Club Chair: Right

Step 1: Paint the trim and bookshelf.  We had someone do all the trim in the house and then got the best professionals (aka Jeff and his dad) to paint the walls. 

Well Hello Jeff!
Big Improvement already

Step 2: Pick out a wall color.  It's harder than it looks.  Jeff has been eager to paint everything right away (which I am very happy about) but it just made me have to choose paint colors right away.  For those of you who don't know me I am a very indecisive person, so making a decision that I am going to have to live with for a long time is a big deal to me.  I would hate to pick a color, have them paint everything and then decide I don't like it. This color was going to go in the living room, all down the hall, entry way, and kitchen so it had to be perfect.  I got several samples and painted them on poster board, then picked my favorites and painted them on the wall just to make sure I would like it (anything I picked would have been better than what was there - no offense previous owners - just not my style).  We lived like this (below pic) for a couple of days before I finally picked a color. 

But needless to say I picked a color and I LOVE it!!!  
It's Vapor Trails from Benjamin Moore

Step 3: Put everything back where it was, order a rug, and change out the faceplate on the electrical outlets and light switches (did you notice the light switch - Ugh!)


I love built in bookshelves!!  
It's my favorite thing about this room - they are a work in progress but so far so good!!