Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Beginnings

Ohh my goodness, so much has happened in the last couple of weeks.

First thing first, Jeff got a new Job!!!! I am so excited for him as he made a huge decision to switch out of the IT world and into the wonderful arena of Finance! His new job: Senior Credit Analyst. He is learning from the best, IP has a great credit department and it will be a perfect introduction into the finance. I can tell he is extremely excited and I know he will do great - I am so proud of him!! No more half days on Friday :) here comes the monthend, budget, and forecasts. Congratulations Jeff!!!!

As you know we put our house on the market and 7 days later we had our first showing and that same day we got an offer that we accepted!! Here I am thinking that it would take 5-6 months to sell the house and within one month we are packed up and moving out. The best part (as if selling the house wasn't great enough) is that we found a house that I LOVE and have a contract on it!!! Closing date is set for October 15th!! It is a Grown up house for sure! No more town house - this one has a lot of space!!

It is in a wonderful neighborhood called "The Woods"
(hence all the trees)

We are sooo excited! We had the home inspection yesterday and everything went well. There are few areas that need to be fixed here and there but overall the house does not need that much work. I want to paint and do a lot of yard work but the actual aspects of the house are perfect for us and won't need updating. Jeff and I have been so lucky to have things go as smoothly as they have been and are so excited about this huge next step in our life. We officially move out of our townhouse this Thursday and move in with Jeff's parents. Then a month and a half later we get to move in!! Just in time for fall and the cooler weather to set in allowing us to enjoy our backyard, fireplace, and have Pit Parties!!

It's going to be soo much fun to decorate!!
We have lots of room so please come and visit!!