Sunday, November 4, 2012

Busy Bee's

After living in our house a while I have come to the realization that we have a grown up house. I mean how did this happen and what are we doing in this wonderful house? We aren't grown ups are we? I say no but others (my parents) might beg to differ.  I guess the fact that we have been out of college for 6 years now (wow that's scary) and have had real jobs for 6 years - not just summer jobs. I just don't feel like an adult but I sure am loving the perks that come with it! Gorgeous homes, a little money to decorate with, waking up not hungover (sometimes), good wine, house parties where you don't have to mop the floor because of the stickiness of spilled beer all over it.  Life is good no matter how old!

Although this post is way out of date (we did this transformation as soon as we moved in) I thought I would still show a little before and after on the Kitchen.
Before: Notice the yellow walls with the caramel trim

And the accent color was red.  It went well with their stuff but not my style

And here is the after - Awhhh refreshing change!!

 I love the sink!

The built in storage in this house is unbelievable.  The builders (who are actually my neighbors) did an awesome job.  They really knew what was needed in a kitchen - storage that is still appealing on the eye.
The color is the same as the living room and hall way - Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails

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