Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Francisco

We had the best time in San Francisco and Napa Valley!  We didn't want to come home.

This is our first vineyard and wine tasting we went to. It was Robert Biale's "Black Chicken", which is what they called wine during prohibition. We bought two bottles to take home with us, but they didn't last long, we drank them both later that night at the hotel. No judging!!

Chinatown market

A sickening display of dried fish hanging in a Chinatown market. Doesn't that look appetizing?
A little snap shot at fisherman's wharf, right before we took the Alcatraz tour. 
It was freakin' freezin

This was part of the wine tour for Domaine Chandon, they're best known for their champagnes and being owned by Louis Vuton & family. Our tour took us down to the wine cave were we got to see their Pinot Noir barrels. As Jeff said - "You definitely don't want to bump up against these bad boys".

The weather started to clear up and we could notice how beautiful their gardens were.

This is the phenomenal place we stayed in at Yountville, which is right in the heart of Napa Valley.
I highly recommend staying here!  It was a perfect walking distance to all the restaurants we went to and locally centered for the winery's.

Bouchon was a French bistro right across the street from Vintage Inn

This is at Robert Sinskey winery, or as Miss Deb puts it, Robert "Sandusky" winery. I told her she may want to get that corrected asap. Again, we bought two bottles and drank them later that night. What did I say about no judging?!

Meeting up with some old family friends of the Brooks; the Eaton's. Mackie Eaton on the far left helped Jeff plan the entire trip. She definitely recommended all the right places.

This is our last tasting of the day, at Beulieu Vineyards, they let us taste directly out of the barrel. One out of a French oak barrel and one out of an American Oak barrel - Tastes the same to me believe it or not.

The Marshall Store was a local joint right on Tomales Bay. Best oysters we've ever had. We meant to take pictures of them but ate them too fast. 

 That's a lotta wood

 One of last stops of the trip was Golden Gate Bridge.

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  1. Cover! Great pics and story! Would love to go back some day- will have to get some recommendations from you! Now, just how many bottles of wine were consumed??? Just judging!