Sunday, July 8, 2012

My New Name ...

Is Aunt Coco!  On Friday at 9:12 a.m. my sister had her baby!!   Both Anne and baby James are doing great - Jeff and I headed down Friday afternoon to congratulate them and meet SBJ (Sweet Baby James) 


Just Born - 1st day in this world!!

They came home this morning and we had a champagne toast waiting on them!

 Proud Poppa

Piper meets him for the first time.  Throughout the weekend we brought home the blanket James was wrapped up in and one of his hats for Piper so she could get use to his smell.  I think it worked perfectly!  Piper is already in love with him!!

Picture of the grandparents 
(missing Big Jim - soon enough they will meet)

 Baby James with the Aunts and Uncles - missing Aunt Annie and Aunt Cindy - wish yall where there.  You are going to be just as obsessed with him as I already am.

What a cutie!!

Can you beleive this guy below is a father?!?!






Congratulations Anne and Jimmy we are excited for yall!!


  1. love all the photos Cover!! Can't wait to meet baby James!

  2. beautiful pictures Cover :) Tell Anne I said congratulations!